247 Curtains - UK's Leading Suppler Of Curtains

Here at 247 curtains we pride ourselves on being the number one online retailer of curtains in the UK. We offer the most comprehensive range of curtains, roman blinds, curtain poles and tracks with unbeatable prices.

What makes 247 different from most curtain retailers you may find on the internet is that we offer both ready made and made to measure curtains.

A ready made curtain is one which is pre made with all fittings already installed and made to standard sizes. They come in a variety of fabrics and styles often ones which are the very latest in terms of trends in the home interiors market. You will often find ready made curtains in a variety of fabrics such as, neutral, patterned, plain and some lovely voile ready made curtain finishes. In order for a ready made curtain to work for you as well as deciding what fabric to have you also need to decide what heading you need the curtains to have.

The types of heading we offer at 247 are:

Eyelet, these are easily recognisable by the large holes at the top of the curtains which have metal edging to them. The pole then is fed through the metal edged holes allowing the fabric to sit loosely and softly at the window. Generally a eyelet top ready made curtain gives a contemporary look to any room with the added bonus of practicality when it comes to the day to day operation of them.

Pencil Pleat, a pencil pleat ready made curtain is recognised by the way it hangs from the curtain rail. The curtain is gathered at the top to form a pinched type appearance and is attached to either a pole or a track using rings or hooks. You will often find a pencil pleat curtain is in a more traditional style room to give a very classic look at your window.

Pinch Pleat, a pinch pleat heading is similar to a pencil pleat being of a more traditional style of curtain heading. It is made up of a number of pleats in the fabric that are gathered in tightly and then sewn in place. This gives a curtain that is more tailored to look at when up at the window and many think this looks more luxurious.

A made to measure curtain is one that is made bespoke to your measurements. All you need to do is measure the window accurately and look on our website for the style of fabric you would like for your curtains. We will then instantly give you a price for your curtains and you can order them online. We will then custom make the curtains to your exacting specification and measurements and have them sent direct to your door.

We offer three different types of heading on a made to measure curtain eyelet, pinch pleat and pencil pleat.

We also offer a massive range of made to measure roman blinds which as with made to measure curtains can be made bespoke to your measurements. You can order these just as you would made to measure curtains. You may also want to finish the curtains of your choice with a nice new curtain pole once again we have a large selection so you can find the one to match your room and fabric.