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Made to Measure Curtains

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Discover Quality With Our Made to Measure Curtains

247 Curtains has one of the largest range of bespoke, made to measure curtains available on the internet, with prices amongst the most competitive around.

The fabrics for our custom-made curtains
are selected from the finest ranges, and all our made to measure curtains are lined with white or ivory coloured thermal lining to protect against fading and provide better insulation. Our made to measure bespoke curtains are supplied as standard with a Pencil Pleat heading, whilst Pinch Pleat and Eyelet options are available. Our range also includes made to measure blackout curtains, which have a special lining designed to effectively stop the light from coming through the fabric.

Looking for inspiration? Visit our blog for curtain ideas and more.


What Are Made to Measure Curtains?

All our curtains are bespoke to your measurements, this means in simple terms, that they are made to the measurements you require. A lot of the cheap high-street curtains come in packs at fixed sizes. While these are good for a quick and cheap fix, this usually means you'll have a curtain that doesn't fit 100% right for your window. All our curtains are expertly made, hand-finished on machines and feature customisable options you wouldn't normally have; such as lining and header options.


What Are Eyelet Headers?

Eyelet headers are the curtains with a metal ring, typically mounted on a curtain pole. All our eyelets are 40mm in internal diameter, which fits most curtain poles. We'd recommend a curtain pole with a minimum diameter of 26mm. The benefit of these types of curtains is the aesthetic it provides through its even, symmetrical folds. This style is the most modern of our heading styles and works really well with some of our plain fabrics for a simplistic contemporary look.


What Are Pinch Pleat Headers?

Pinch pleat is what we would call our “luxury” heading style on curtains. It uses stitching to keep the 3 “pinches” of fabric into a neat looking bunch at the top of the curtain. They use more fabric to get the style than pencil or eyelets, which results in more fabric between yourself and the cold outdoors. Due to the timelessly classic look this heading gives your fabric, you can use it in both a modern or a traditional interior for a look you can be proud of. Pairing this heading style with some of our vintage and classical designs is a wonderful way to get a manor house feeling in any home, as they would exude luxury.


What Are Pencil Pleat Headers?

Pencil pleats are the most common type of pleated curtain headers, they get their name from the completed look of the pleat looking like a row of neatly organised pencils. The look is acquired with a heading tape that is attached to the back of the curtains at the top, a string that is running through this tape gets tied together at one end and then pulled tight for the signature ruffled look. We give you full control over how loose or tight you would like the pleats to be, unlike some ready-made curtains which come with the curtains pre-pleated, leaving you without the choice to suit your style.


What Colours Are Trending In Curtains?

Trending is just the word when it comes to curtains, with the ever evolving home interior landscape changing more often than a pair of pants! We know white, grey, and cream will always be the top dogs when it comes to curtains as us Brits love to keep things minimalistic and neutral. But neutral doesn't have to mean boring we have meticulously crafted plain fabrics with intricate detailing in the stitching, or why not go for a bold pattern to offset the more toned down colour scheme? We love some of our new ranges coming around as they are chocked full of gorgeous colourful designs featuring deep rich blues or more dark and broody brown tones.


Are Curtains Good For Energy-Saving?

Absolutely, in fact, we couldn't name a better solution to saving energy for your windows. As you may know, the windows are where a house will lose a lot of heat. The great thing about our made-to-measure curtains is the amount of fabric choices you can get, however if saving energy is at the top of your list, look no further than our bonded interlining option. This is a thick plush lining, similar to the insulation you find in your home, that is affixed onto the back of your curtains, which will give them better energy saving properties. As a bonus, this lining will provide a fuller appearance without breaking the bank.

Alternatively, if you want to make your room feel warmer in those cold winter months, opt for warming tones such as deep oranges or bright yellows. Who wouldn't prefer to be on a beach in the Mediterranean, but if you can't be there, make your home feel like your beach paradise for all year round with warming tones. 


Will My Curtains Blow With My Windows Open?

While it is unfortunately unavoidable that your curtains will ebb and flow with the wind, we do our best to make sure this is as little of an issue as possible. We add a sewn in weight to the bottom corner of our curtains when we add the lining option you chose. These may not seem like a lot, but the small weight really goes above and beyond when it comes to keeping your curtains closed, and stopping your bedroom feeling like the end of Brighton pier.


Do I Need A Special Pole For My Curtains?

We can divide the majority of them into two categories, pole or track. A pole is what most people would expect when thinking of curtains as they are the more popular of the two choices, a pole can be used for all three of our heading types. You will need to find curtain rings with a mounting loop for the hooks on the back of our pinch and pencil pleat styles. Eyelet curtains can only be fitted on a pole, you can pick an eyelet style to match the pole for a complete tidy look. A track is great for when you have a window in a little trickier of a spot, such as up to the top of a wall or around a curved bay window. This is where a track shines as they are great for fitting into smaller spaces, they are made of a flexible plastic they can be manipulated to fit the most awkward of windows.


Are Curtains Good For Blackout?

We offer a blackout lining option for all of our curtain styles, which ensures your curtain will effectively block light from passing through. Of course, you'll need to keep in mind that (as with all window installations), curtains will have light bleed occur. This can be reduced by how you fit your curtain pole or track, or by adding extra onto the width and the drop of the curtain when ordering. As our curtains are hand-made, using a stab-stitch method, there is a tiny amount of light that comes through the stitched holes. However, this generally doesn't hinder blackout performance too much. It is also a good idea to go for one of our darker fabrics, such as a deep black or purple, as a darker fabric will not “glow” as much with any light that does bleed through.


How Much Extra Do I Need to Add To The Sides Of My Window?

With curtains, you want to measure to the size of the curtain pole you have installed, however if you don't have one up yet, getting the right size can be a bit of a guess. We would recommend getting a pole that is 30cm wider than your window reveal. This will give you a nice and organised look to the curtains and give them just enough room to frame the window nicely when opened. The drop however is a matter of the style you want to see, the three styles we would recommend for our curtains would be windowsill, apron curtains or floor length curtains. For some more in-depth details about the styles, head over to our measuring page here.
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