Roman Blinds

  1. Soft Neutrals and Delicate Greys

    The softer neutral tones have stayed a UK favourite for over a decade, for good reason. Encapsulating on the ever-popular minimalist interior trend, our collection of cream-to-white, light neutrals also feature a delicate splash of greys, so you can be sure you'll find the perfect look with these chic Roman blinds.

  2. Hexgem, Pearl - Roman Blind
  3. Hexgem, Quartz - Roman Blind
  4. Faceted, Peachy - Roman Blind
  5. Faceted, Earth - Roman Blind
  6. Loralei, Porcelain - Roman Blind
  7. Norrland, Buff - Roman Blind
  8. Norrland, Linen - Roman Blind
  9. Norrland, Fir - Roman Blind
  10. Norrland, Boreal - Roman Blind
  11. Norrland, Pine - Roman Blind
  12. Norrland, Flurry - Roman Blind
  13. Norrland, Misty - Roman Blind
  14. Confetti, Mercury - Roman Blind
  15. Confetti, Cornsilk - Roman Blind
  16. Confetti, Popcorn - Roman Blind
  17. Nazca, Ivory - Roman Blind
  18. Lyra, Polar - Roman Blind
  19. Lyra, Dairy - Roman Blind
  20. Kildare, Barley - Roman Blind
  21. Carron, Woven Cream - Roman Blind
  22. Carron, Woven Jute - Roman Blind
  23. Rhea, Meringue - Roman Blind
  24. Rhea, Sesame - Roman Blind
  25. Rhea, Eskimo White - Roman Blind
  26. Kilkenny, Pure - Roman Blind
  27. Foxford, Lambs Wool - Roman Blind
  28. Foxford, Cashmere - Roman Blind
  29. Braemar, Light Ecru - Roman Blind
  30. Nebula, Cream Ice - Roman Blind
  31. Vienna, Cream - Roman Blind
  32. Vienna, Mushroom - Roman Blind
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The Roman blind adds effortless sophistication to any room. Easy to operate and simple in terms of build design, their durability also means they will carry on looking fantastic year after year.

We offer a huge range of styles and designs in your choice of fabrics - we even offer suedes, silks and chenille if you really want to add an extra touch of luxury.

Roman blinds have long been the answer for anyone looking to add elegance and luxury to their home – or to simply adorn their windows with a covering that is effective at blocking out excess light from outside.

247 Blinds is the UK’s leading supplier of Roman blinds online, so you won’t be surprised to discover that we have a wide range of fabrics, colours, styles and designs, all perfectly made to measure for you.

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