Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are a wonderful way to give your room a wonderful sense of opulence and grandeur. They look absolutely fabulous in any window and we have such a huge range of colours and patterns finding the one that suits your home should not be difficult. Roman blinds are very flexible and can be placed in any windows in your home and create a modern look or something more traditional. 

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Monochromes Naturals and Textures

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Stunning black, grey, and white shades, beautifully natural tones of brown and cream, and a wonderful variety of textures are what make up the Monochrome, Naturals and Textures collection. Think of the feelings of suede, cotton, and chenille, and you've got the gist of this gorgeous range.

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The Roman blind adds effortless sophistication to any room. Easy to operate and simple in terms of build design, their durability also means they will carry on looking fantastic year after year.

We offer a huge range of styles and designs in your choice of fabrics - we even offer suedes, silks and chenille if you really want to add an extra touch of luxury.

Roman blinds are not really suitable for rooms where there is a great deal of moisture or potential strong smells like bathrooms and kitchens - the folds of the fabric tend to absorb them. In these locations, you may find that roller blinds or vertical blinds would be a better option.